Are you ready for a different kind of workplace?

At Six8 Media, we know how to balance hard work in a fun environment.  There are no limits on how or where your career can grow at Six8 Media if you have the talent and the drive.  We are consistantly looking for the right talent to continue growing with us.  Send us a message on the About page and link your resume today to see what a career with Six8 Media can do for you!

Current Opportunities

  • Technology
  • Product Management
  • Analytics
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales
  • Creative
  • Customer Service
  • Business Development
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Broadcast Production

To take Six8 Media to the world, talented, passionate people are required.Our business is seeing a massive mobile shift. To meet these demands, our mobile team is pushing the limits with web apps and best-in-class native apps that keep users coming back.
Our culture encourages growth and ownership, which translates into an awesome work environment with opportunity, learning, and skill development at its core.


Android Developers,
iOS Developers,
PHP Developers,
Ruby on Rails Developers,
System Admins

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Are you passionate about finding insights from numbers? As a team, we consistently delve into exciting big data work.
We need an energetic analytics team is made up of data-loving, number-crunching individuals who support all levels of our business by providing them with the data and detailed analysis that allow them to make objective decisions that continue to drive the company forward.
We need someone to constantly explore new analytics knowledge and technologies in order to keep ourselves at the forefront of the industry.

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We need a sales team that is responsible for identifying and recruiting new traffic partners into our Affiliate Marketing Program, as well as providing ongoing Account Management support to existing partners.
As experts in monetizing offers online, we will work with some of the largest webmasters and traffic brokers in the world. Our goal is to leverage our advanced analytics and proactive reporting to maximize revenue for our program and for our affiliates, under a pay-per-sale model.

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Customer Service

Our Customer Service team will consist of some employees speaking bilingual. We will provide the highest quality of customer service by responding to member concerns with speed, professionalism, and accuracy. We are not your average call center; working in our customer service department provides an incredible opportunity for employees to learn and grow with the business!

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Product Management

Product is a tight-knit group filled with driven individuals who operate independently as mini-CEOs within the company. We lead the effort to deliver products to millions of users worldwide. Each Product Manager at Six8 Media is solely responsible for the success of the products they manage.Many of our decisions are a direct result of market and competitor research, experience, and analytics.

We are constantly tested on our ability to switch context and juggle multiple projects on the go. Strong communication and organizational skills along with a passion for underlying technologies and user behavior characterize the core values of our group

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Public Relations

We need a dedicated team of professional communicators to set the brand narrative for Six8 Media’s various sites. Managing media relations and making news 24 hours a day, we work with Tier-A journalists across broadcast, print, and online media outlets, helping shape stories seen by millions.

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Our Creative team will consist of gifted graphic and UX designers who are at the forefront of their trade. Witty, talented, and edgy, we need our designers to push the envelope while they tell a story. We work in a fast-paced, never-boring environment and provide quick turnaround regardless of scope or medium.

Our digital initiatives include iOS and Android apps, HTML5 responsive websites and online ad campaigns that make a splash all over the web.

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Human Resources

We believe that people are the number-one factor in determining a company’s success. By recruiting and retaining top talent, we have built a workforce of experts who continue to drive our business forward. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where people are inspired to do their best and are rewarded based on merit. As part of the Human Resources team, you will help select, manage, develop, and retain the best talent to ensure that the business continues to exceed its goals.

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Business Development

Crafting ongoing distribution channels around business development, affiliate sales, marketing, and public relations in countries where we have launched around the globe, our business development initiatives — based on local knowledge and relationships — provide the accelerant and continuity required to ensure that the business becomes the brand we intend it to be.

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We are a small, focused team of highly-skilled professionals working in high-energy environments who are committed to the delivery of effective and efficient services while maintaining fiscal integrity. Our team develops and manages the financial well-being of the organization and its growth plans while overseeing day-to-day accounting functions. The Finance team manages and processes financial information for the progressive corporate structure.

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Broadcast Production

Working with our Marketing and Creative teams to help produce, edit, and manage our production assets in-house, our Broadcast Production team creates groundbreaking TV and radio commercials that are seen and heard by millions of people around world. An idea that sparks over a water cooler at Six8 Media could be discussed over water coolers around the world after it airs.

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Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing team consists of traffic acquisition experts responsible for bringing an online audience to our world-class niche products.
Whether through display advertising on third-party websites, SEO, or SEM, the team is tasked with identifying where our target customer may be found and crafting the message that will best resonate for that channel.
We are looking for heavily data-driven group of poeple, and work closely with our Analytics and Creative teams to optimize our multi-million dollar digital spend to a profitable and sustainable return.

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